About Me

Kyle Fox

I'm a product developer, designer, entrepreneur, and hacker at heart. I've been designing & building software products for over a decade — geez, that makes me feel old.

What I Do

In short: I love to design and build software products that delight customers, and figure out how to build businesses around those products.

I have years of professional experience with all of the following:

  • Design: wireframes, prototypes, UX/UI design
  • Frontend Development: JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone, CoffeeScript, HTML/ERB/Haml, CSS/Sass, Bootstrap
  • Backend Development: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Django
  • Product Strategy: branding, pricing, marketing, onboarding, etc.

The above list is intentionally kept short — I'm comfortable with just about any technology you can throw at me. While I still love the act of building, my interest has shifted slightly towards figuring out what to build in the first place, and how to iterate products towards awesome.

Professional Background

Most recently I was co-founder and Director of Product at CareNetwork, a healthcare technology company dedicated to improving communication and collaboration between doctors. I lead the design and development of a mobile app that helped acute care teams (ex: Intensive Care Units) communicate and coordinate patient care more efficiently and securely. The app received great interest and feedback from doctors, but ultimately the enterprise healthcare market proved too hostile for a small startup like ours. Although the company failed in the end, I came away with many learnings and feel that the experience greatly sharpened my entrepreneurial skills.

Prior to CareNetwork, I was Product & Design Lead at Granify, an ecommerce startup that uses machine learning and persuasive design to influence shopper behaviour. As one of the first employees my role was extremely broad and encompassed wireframing, prototyping, product design, development, strategy, management, and hiring.

Before that I held various roles in UX/UI design and frontend/backend development at Carbonmade, Yardstick, and Lift. Two of my favourite freelance projects were TestFlight and SOHO Hair.

In 2010 I co-founded FotoJournal, a blogging platform for photographers. It's been cashflow positive since day one and we've got lots of happy customers.

I've also got a handful of other projects. I live with my lovely wife in Edmonton, a beautiful city nestled in the northern reaches of Canada. I enjoy mountain & road biking, fonts, whisky, and telling groaner dad jokes.

Contact & Connect

Drop me a line if you'd like to get in touch, I love hearing from people and am always up for grabbing coffee. You can also find me elsewhere on the interweb: